dsqzbx prsnt Secret Shame at The Gremlin at The Gremlin

dsqzbx prsnt Secret Shame at The Gremlin

Saturday, May 27th - 7:00 pm

The Gremlin
322 s. 16th st
McAllen, TX
“We always say, ‘We’re too punk for Goth and too Goth for punk,’” says Lena (who goes by her first name only), vocalist of Asheville-based collective Secret Shame. “We don’t play any bills where we fit.” Secret Shame refuse to limit their sound to a single genre but instead pull from a wide range of influences including post-punk, deathrock, shoegaze, and dream-pop. Infectious guitar melodies and interlocking bass lines lead a narrative shaped by dynamic drums. “These songs are about eating disorders, abuse, addiction, and mental illness — and this one is also about all of those things,” Lena -at least one person at every show would ask when that last song (“Zero”) was coming out But even as Secret Shame gains wider recognition, this is a group of musicians who already know who they are. Two of the band members, for example, are trans and state their pronouns in their band bio. “We definitely want to reach out to queer communities and labels,” Lena says. “We don’t need to talk about it all the time, but it’s an important thing in the world right now.” Noche hybrid de Post-punk goth cumbia w/local support from Mantic/Mantiz -Femmepunk Genesis -Cumbia salsa Murzlago Punk-cuh vvave cumbia Ragnarok -darkwave $10

Past Event: dsqzbx prsnt Secret Shame at The Gremlin

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